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What Can Trinity Kitchen And Bath do for You?

We love working with Woodbridge clients that are remodeling their home. For many people, it’s a project that will change the way they see themselves for years to come. With every measurement, every screw, every joint, we help a vision and concept take on material form. In every decision, there’s a feeling of novelty and the excitement of new possibilities. That’s why it’s very important to have good contractors on your side. There’s nothing worse than investing a lot of money into a project and being unhappy with the result. You need professionals that have your best interest in mind. Experts who listen to all your ideas and whose goal is to bring those ideas to life. Tradespeople whose passion for their work shows in everything they do. And when it comes to cabinets for your next remodeling project, you need Trinity Kitchen And Bath.

Cabinet Supplier

Many people misunderstand what we do at Trinity Kitchen And Bath. We are neither cabinet manufacturers, nor remodeling contractors. Our work is between these two as a cabinet supplier. We are primarily a business-to-business company. We work with contractors whose clients need custom cabinetry for their remodeling project. We offer made-to-order and semi-custom cabinetry for contractors in Woodbridge and the surrounding areas.

If you do not have a contractor but want us to design your cabinets for you, don’t worry. We can also recommend one of the great contractors that we’ve been working with for years.

How Does it Work?

First, you’re going to need to select the cabinets you want for your home. We prefer working with KraftMaid cabinetry and we encourage you to take a look at their website. We also work with other brands such as Woodharbor and Wolf Classic.

Once you’ve picked the cabinets you want, the contractor will take the measurements for the space. They will then send those over to us and we’ll use 3D rendering software to design the cabinets. Everything we do must be extremely precise.

We order the cabinets and custom build them to fit the space. Then we’ll install them in your home.

Our goal? A perfect fit every time. No exceptions.

Why Do We Prefer KraftMaid Cabinetry?

KraftMaid offers some of the most well-made cabinetry that we’ve ever worked with. The Amish community that they’re based in is renowned across the country for their exceptional hand-made products. Nothing is pre-cut, or pre-painted. With that spirit, they’ve spent the last 40 years hand-crafting gorgeous cabinetry that’s built to last. These are the opposite of your typical mass-market cabinets.

Plus, they offer a wide selection of contemporary and classic designs that are sure to please just about anyone. And their affordable prices can’t be beaten! For us at Trinity Kitchen And Bath, there really isn’t a better cabinet manufacturer.

After 10 years, we’ve learned the importance of working with the best materials and the most trusted business partners. Just like the contractors that we work with, KraftMaid has proven themselves time and again.

That being said, we’re open to working with other manufacturers as well. If you’re not sure or would like more information just give us call!